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This Page will answer questions about options on our footer.  Shipping and handling, how to submit event information and flyers, return policy, terms and conditions, our email address so you can contact us, Forum rules and account privacy policy.

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GSC Membership Bylaws

The name of the organization is Greasers Social Club World Wide, also referred to as GSC


Greasers Social Club is overseen by:

Tony Reina- Owner

Adriana Reina- Owner

EC Rodriguez- World Wide President


The mention above is hereinafter referred to as GSC WW



The purpose of the Greasers Social Club is to provide an immediate opportunity for members to become acquainted with others in the greaser/ rockabilly lifestyle; to provide an atmosphere of friendliness, goodwill and helpful information for people in the local community; and to promote charitable and civic causes as well as keeping the rockabilly lifestyle alive.



Membership to Greasers Social Club is open to anyone.  Membership is effective immediately upon payment of yearly dues.  Dues must be up to date to be considered a GSC member.  If a member decides being part of GSC is not for them, they are free to resign at any time.   If as a member you choose to resign, please notify GSC WW.



Greasers Social Club shall not discriminate against anyone because of race, color, creed, national origin, age, gender, income status, marital status, educational background, or any other factor.  Greasers Social Club members shall comply with all laws, rules and regulations of all government agencies, state and federal.


No unauthorized reproduction of GSC merchandise, likenesses or logos will be created without expressed written authorization from GSC WW. Nothing is to be produced/ created with the Greasers Social Club name or acronym.  Any unauthorized deviation from this policy may result in termination of the offending chapter’s charter.


Chapters are encouraged to engage in wholesome community activities, charity drives, car shows, fundraisers etc. with approval from GSC WW.  Any funds raised or donated for an event, is to be used for that event.  Any use of funds, unless agreed upon by all parties, can be changed by GSC WW approval.  All in agreement, must sign that they are in full compliance of what funds are to used for.


Members are encouraged to wear their GSC attire and to represent the club and our values wherever and whenever appropriate.


GSC WW has the right to terminate any membership at any time for any violation of GSC policies or inappropriate behavior


These rules are subject to change as directed by GSC WW



Membership Policies
Shipping N Handling


Shipping and Handing is not included in pricing and is dependant on where items and weight of all items being shipped. 

shipping and handling
Return and Exchanges


  1. Complete Return Form- If you want to return any portion of your order please fill and complete the Return Form and include it with your return.

  2. Exchanges- Exchanges will not require any form of payment if it is an exact exchange or exchange of equal value.  If your new exchange is of greater value please fill out payment information and once payment has been processed item will be shipped.  

  3. Returns- If item is being returned your refund will be processed to the same form of payment that was used at time of purchase once item(s) are recieved.

  4. Repack Merchandise- Please make sure item(s)and return form are included in your return shipment.  Please return item(s) to address listed below.

  5. Return Address






  • Item(s) to be returned within 14 days of purchased date.

  • Item(s) must be returned in the same condition as recieved and Unused. 

  • Item(s) purchased at a retail store must be returned to the retail store where purchased and not the online store.

  • Item(s) that can not be returned are intimates or sale items.

  • Return Shipping and handling is the resposibility of purchaser. 

forum acct
privacy policy

Event Submission


  1. Submit all events, flyers and(or) videos to email  

  2. All submissions are subject for approval.  

  3. All submissions will appear within three days of subission.  

  4. Please make sure to send all required information:  Name of event or video,  Date of event or video, Location of event and details of event or video.

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